Logistics Consulting

Integrity Means Getting the Best Deal for Each of Our Clients

Prime Logistics Partners finds that it can typically save its clients more than 20% on freight costs through negotiating rate contracts alone. How do we achieve these savings? It's simple - we entirely avoid conflicts of interest by putting each and every one of our clients first. Our competitors will often put their own interests first, or sell out their smaller clients to get better deals for their bigger ones. For Prime Logistics Partners, having integrity is more than just having better business practices - it's about keeping costs as low as possible for our customers.
Integrity Means Getting the Best Deal for Each of Our Clients.

Prime Logistics Partners offers an array of logistics services to meet your every need.

Our services include:

  • Export Documentation
  • Carrier Selection (Domestic and International; Export and Import)
  • Classification Review - Domestic
  • Freight Negotiations (Domestic and International)
  • Harmonized Code Classification Review
  • Prepare Lane Reports
  • Pursue Freight Claims
  • Customs Services
  • Warehousing, Packaging, and Equipment Consulting