Customized Reports

Integrity Means Giving Our Clients the Information They Need to Succeed We know your business relies on data to make decisions and run as efficiently as possible. So we strive to give you every bit of information on your shipping costs as we can. And since our proprietary IT database gives us nearly unlimited flexibility, we can give you the information any way you want it. Prime Logistics Partners offers an array of customized reports to help you manage data on your freight costs. Our proprietary data management system allows for infinite variables and flexibility. In addition to the sample reports show on this page, we can produce additional reports to meet your needs. We can also provide you with all of our reports in a comma separated data file, allowing you to import it into Excel and use in any way you need.

  • Weekly Freight Summary

This report is a clean weekly summary of your freight bills. It shows you the total number of shipments, the collective weight of those shipments, and how much money was spent on incoming and outgoing freight, all disaggregated by carrier.
 Weekly Freight Summary

  • Carrier Summary

The Carrier Summary report provides you with detailed information on each week's freight activity disaggregated by every carrier used. This report breaks down each individual shipment's data, including bill number, bill of lading (B/L No.), origination and destination zip codes, shipment date, and both the original and adjusted freight costs.

Carrier Summary

  • Account Summary

This report provides a full account summary, broken down by location code in the far left column. This is particularly handy for customers who ship goods from multiple distribution centers, as it allows you to better track the flow of shipments and pinpoint cost centers.

Account Summary